Sacred Geometry

I also made a few attempts to paint symbols of scared geometry on canvas, this is what came out of it:

Metatron`s Cube
The Flower Of Life

The flower of life with the seed and the fruit of life.
I named this image “resistance is futile”, cause in this form it reminded me of a Bork cube, while during painting I realized, how futile resistance against life is anyway.

The classical version of Metatron`s cube, as everyone knows is, but completely painted in glitter.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang, one of mankind`s oldest symbols. To me, it not only represents duality, but also the holy union of the male and female principle during sex, a form of the chymical wedding – which I have written about in my book “Dualseelen – Pioniere der neuen Zeit” (only avaiable in German language).
The starburst around the symbol represents a ring of thurisaz runes to protect this holy union.
Anyhow, this symbol in its unity also reminds of the all seeing eye.