Digital Art

In digital art I mainly focus on the portrayal of sacred geometry.
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seed of life with yin-yang symbolism
Metatrons Cube and the flower of life
Metatrons Cube and the platonic solids
Hexagram with Yin-Yang-symbolism and fractals
Trippy: Metatron`s Cube with the flower and the seed of life
Chakra Healing:
For meditation, the flower of life behind a meditating person with chakras
Flower Of Life
Metatrons Cube and the flower of life
For Meditation: Metatrons Cube and the flower of life
Metatrons Cube
“Secret Gateway”:
The flower of life and the seed of life
Metatron`s Cube with chakra assignment
Flower Of The Heart:
The flower of life with the seed of life shown in the colors of heart- and root chakra. For connecting both chakras.
I fucking love sacred geometry!
An image describing its purpose
Concept of Existence


This image was given to me in a dream, after reading Plato’s dialogue ” Timaeus ” ( about the origin of the world ) . I worked on ti for a few months and expanded the image from my dream by a few points that I have also taken from Plato, which were the concepts of sacred geometry and numerology.

The entire creation we know exists at the level of duality , represented within the image by the yin – yang symbol . This symbol in its wholeness is a circle as well, which represents infinity, as well as the divine principle.

Within the Yin – yang symbol, there are the four elements (also represented by their symbols), assigned to the corresponding dual principles . Yang ( black ) represents the female principle, the principle of creation (meaning birth), of emotion, of passivity and darkness, accordingly be assigned to the elements of earth and water.

Yang (white) represents the male principle , the principle of procreation , the activity of light and purity , accordingly assigned to the elements of fire and air.

Even at this level, it becomes obvious why this world must be subject to duality, for the creation of the existence of both principles were necessary. The male principle for procreation, the female principle for birth.

In the middle of the yin – yang symbol, we find the actual cause for creation , the fifth element, Akasha ( also known as the morphogenetic field ). Akasha is the pure consciousness which has initiated creation, so it could also be called “God.”

Akasha is usually represented by an icon as a black egg, in this picture I decided to show the universe within this egg because the divine principle of god, or “all that is” is perfectly expressed in that way .

Furthermore, this representation clarifies that both, the female and the male principle are no absolute extremes, for both polarities also contain a small proportion of the opposite extremes, thereby once again illustrating that yin and yang are only two poles of the same unit – the two sides of God. One cannot exist without the other, because the totality wouldn’t be whole anymore otherwise.

Thus far we have the numbers one to five recovered as symbolism in the image. One as the origin , the divine principle represented within the symbol of Akasha , the two in the yin-yang symbol, which illustrates the splitting of God , so that creation could occur.

The three can be found within the two triangles , the Holy Trinity – Father (God, Akasha ) – Son (Human) – Holy Spirit ( the pure consciousness that underlies all that is ).
The four can be found in the four elements again , showing a further splitting of God , first into the two poles of male and female, then into the two basic qualities of the individual poles, fire and air for procreation and purity, water and earth for birth and emotion.

The Five is again, included in the symbol of Akasha, because Akasha (God) is the fifth element. At this point it becomes clear how EVERYTHING is permeated by God , and how God was the origin and also the extension of  itself.

Now we come to the end, by going on to the Six, which finds itself in the hexagon, beneath the yin – yang symbol. This symbol points us to the connection of the divine triangle (Holy Trinity) with the human triangle (body – soul – spirit) and shows once again – ALL IS ONE – the division into “individual parts” only serves the recognition of the divine self.

The Six is ​​yet another important aspect of this image, since the creation according to Genesis was completed on the sixth day .

So this image shows the creation of existence in its totality, as well as the process of creation, from the beginning to the end. At the same time, the image looks like an eye, surrounded by a halo. This symbol is known as the “Eye of Providence”, it represents the omnipresence and the creative power of God.