Magic-Komplex has been existing since the beginning of 2011, and since then, it has changed as often as the person standing behind it:

Sylvia Suckert

It all started with cartomancy and spiritual counselling, additionally there was an esoterism shop with homemade incense, supplies for burning incense and gemstone jewellery.

Everything went on quickly with me specializing on the topic of twin flames and a book about that topic, published by myself.

Since 2018 Magic-Komplex doesn`t exist anymore as a company, there is no more counselling and no shop. Magic-Komplex became kind of an alter ego, it became my baby, which is the reason why this page is continuing to exist. From now on, until the next change – which will come as sure as life is what happens, while you are busy making other plans – this page will represent my personality and my path.

There are reasons why I folded up Magic-Komplex as a company, reasons regarding my life, as well as the simple fact that I can`t associate myself anymore with the mainstream the twin flame topic has become.

I am a survival artist, author, artist, medium and much more, for the time being this page will mainly be dedicated to my artistic work, mainly painting and writing. A new book is on its way into life, but good things take time to ripen and I am mainly focusing on my art right now.

I appreciate having you as my visitor, have a nice time browsing!